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February Newsletter


February Newsletter

Sunday, February 2, 2020

And just like that here we are in February!! Where has time gone!?
We have a lot to share with you this month, so be sure to read it all!


Bethany shows up consistently, gives her best in every workout, and brings a presence that is welcoming and fun! If you have been to a 4:15 or Saturday morning with her, you know that she brings lots of laughter and joy! Congrats Bethany and thank you for being a huge part of the Deep Well Family!

Goodbye Kyle & Jordan

We are sad to say goodbye to Kyle and Jordan as they head off to the sunshine state! Thank you two so much for all you have done with the Deep Well Family over the years. We are excited for you and your next stage of life! Visit us soon!

New Coach!
- Julia Holmes

We are excited to welcome Julia Holmes to our coaching team! Julia comes to us with coaching experience and is going to seamlessly step right in!

Pelvic Floor Seminar

Ladies, we have a date now that Jennifer Frankoski from Be The Change PhysioTherapy will be at Deep Well for her Pelvic Floor Seminar!

- February 13th at 7:30pm

You can learn more about Jennifer and what she offers here.

New Class Time!

Effective 2/3/20 we will not have our 9:30 CrossFit class offered Monday - Friday!

Programming Focus

Let’s talk February, fam! We are continuing on with our Skills & Conditioning focus that kicked off 2020. In January we leaned into a lot of foundational gymnastics and really dove deep into drills and skills that would have carry-over benefit. We intentionally prioritized movements like the kipping pull-up, toes to bars, and the kipping handstand push-ups. These are often at the top of athletes lists to accomplish, practice, or master. We will want to remember those skills and lessons as we transition into February...after all it’s nearly impossible to master things like the muscle-up or big unbroken sets of HSPU without first understanding the foundational building blocks. January also brought a few classic benchmarks to the front -- 1RM C&J, 1RM Snatch, Baseline I & II, Fran, and Diane. We will see the 1RMs in the May/June time frame; however for all of our other January tests...these will repeat twice more throughout the year. January was all about rebooting for 2020, reintroducing skills, and renewing our commitment to training.

February’s focus will evolve our Skill & Conditioning focus from January. In February we will take the simple kipping movements move on toward focusing more on our Muscle-Up skills and advanced HSPU. We will work on transition skills first for the Muscle-Up and evolve toward connecting multiple reps. For the HSPU, we will solidify the kip for smaller sets then move into bigger sets and more advanced set-ups for the fittest. The skills won’t just be gymnasty...we will get more skill focused on the barbell. We will lean more into barbell cycling and light to moderate OLY. This will be a nice little teaser before we get into the focus for March & April -- both barbell and odd object cycling. February will also have a few benchmarks: Death Row, Isabel, and the 3RM C&J / 3RM Snatch. Before the end of the month we will also introduce a new NCFIT Classic workout and hit a special Valentine’s Day workout (Feb 14). Expect this new classic to combine our barbell and gymnastic skill focuses. We are looking forward to a great month of programming!

Online Store

Looking for some Deep Well Swag, but don't see what you are looking for at the gym?

Then Check Out our new ONLINE STORE!

Here you will find items never before offered and some of our favorite designs of the past!

Go Shopping!

Upcoming events

Faith RXD LKN - February 16th at 2PM
Ladies Book Club - February 29th at 6:30PM

February Challenge

We all know how bad sugar can be for us. We see how our kids become different humans when they eat it and we know how we feel when we consume it as adults. Your Challenge this month is to avoid any added sugar! Natural sugars from fruits are fine, but if the ingredients list sugar, do not eat it! We have done this in the past and it was very eye opening, so lets do it again!
*We will give forgiveness for those who must consume on Valentine's Day!

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Sunday, February 2, 2020




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