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January 2020 Newsletter


January 2020 Newsletter

Friday, January 3, 2020


January 2020 Newsletter


Here we are! It's 2020 and we are in a new building!
We are so excited for this year and all the amazing things that are going to happen in the new location!THANK YOUThank you again to everyone who helped us with our move to the new location. The help getting the place ready and then the help with the move itself means so much to us. We could not have had the new building ready for operation so fast without your help!


Welcome to 2020! Before getting into the detail for January let’s just quickly chat about how 2020 will be laid out overall for CrossFit. Good news -- the nuts and bolts of the CrossFit program will not change. We will still build all of our workouts through the lens of functionality (movements that help transcend the gym), variance (mixing it up to give the broadest exposure), and intensity (adding load, volume, combinations smartly). The workouts will be built to deliver the greatest gain in general physical preparedness over the course of the year -- remember we are playing the long game! In 2020, the main evolutions will come in the form of our 2-month focuses, multiple predetermined cycles, and our refined benchmark blueprint (we have lots of fun tests planned each month!).

Let’s talk about the phases -- we have (6) for CrossFit in 2020. New Year Reboot, Conditioning & Skills (Jan-Feb), Barbell & Odd Object Cycling (Mar-April), Olympic Skill & Lifting (May-June), Powerlifting & Pump (July-Aug), The Open, Conditioning & Skills (Sept-Oct), and finally Post-Open, Wendler & End of the Year (Nov-Dec). Each phase will incorporate these focuses in unique ways. Some of the phases will involve more formal cycles like Olympic Lifting & Wendler. While others will incorporate movements, skills, and drills like our New Year Reboot and End of the Year. It will be a really fun and diverse training year. Rest assured we will be getting after it for the next 365 days!

As you read above, the focus for January is New Year Reboot, Conditioning, & Skills. We will be kicking off the year with some absolute CLASSIC benchmarks to start our reboot. Not only will we be hitting the 1RM Snatch & 1RM Clean & Jerk but we will also be tackling our NCFIT Baselines I & II as well as Fran & Diane. In early January, it will be all about getting back into the gym and establishing new markers for these classic workouts. Before “technically” getting into 2020, we will hit the “2020 Experience” a nasty 20-minute AMRAP for New Year's Eve. A fun one to ring in the new year. January will also be about working on those pesky skills! Expect to see skill portions, workouts, and finishers that practice (low intensity) or test (high intensity) skills like the Gymnastic Kipping Pull-up, Handstand Walk, Handstand Push-ups, Muscle-ups, Toes to Bar, and Rope Climbs. Our primary focus early on will be manicuring our gymnastic skills. As we transition in Feb, we will start to shift our focus more toward weightlifting skills. It will be a really fun month in CrossFit with all these classics and skills!


From the very start of Deep Well our mission has been to bring health and wellness to Mooresville in a place that is focused on having a family feel and amazing culture. It is important to us that we provide a place where anyone from any walk of life can come in and have the best hour of their day. With all life throws at us, having 1 hour of the day to shut the outside world out and do something for yourself is one of the best things you can do. It is our goal that Deep Well is the place where everyone can enjoy this hour in an environment that is encouraging, supportive, and fun!

In order to maintain a consistent experience for every member, we have a few rules that we want follow going forward.

Signing in to Class

It is a huge help to our coaches and the class experience if we know how many people are going to be in the class. As the classes grow, equipment and set become an important piece of the class layout and design. Please sign in at least 30 min before the class you plan to attend(5:45am if you could sign in by 10pm that would be helpful).

Equipment Handling and Cleaning

Gym equipment is designed to last a long time if it is taken care of, so there are a few things we would like to do in order to maintain the longevity of our equipment.

  • After every use, please be sure to wipe down any equipment you used(this is a hygiene ask as well)  
  • Dropping plates and barbell - Our plates(15lb and above) are designed to be dropped. Please do not drop an empty barbell or a barbell with 10's, 5's, or 2.5's. This is very hard on the barbells and the plates.
  • Chalk - Please be sure to clean up any chalk hands or equipment with chalk after each workout.
  • Tape - We are in the process of removing the powercoat on the bars to give them a better grip. If you are using tape on the bar, please take down what you put up at the end of class.
Kids Room and Kids Policy

Our kids got a big upgrade from the old place! They now have a couple couches, nice flooring, and their own heat and air! We love our kids being at the gym and want them to enjoy their time with us. They see everything you are doing to take care of yourself and that fitness can be fun. This is crucial to their perception of fitness as they get older!
We also want them and all of our members to be safe while at the gym, so we are announcing a few policies.

  • All kids are to stay in the kids room during class unless going to the bathroom.
  • No Kids are to play on the rig at any time. We have had too many kids get hurt and don't want to risk a serious injury.(We are working on the details of a kids program and hope to make that announcement soon, they will get to play on the rig then!)
  • Please sign in each child who is attending the gym with you. The sign in sheet is at the end of the front desk.

These rules are only to ensure everyone stays safe and no accidents happen. We understand this is going to be a change, but it is for the benefit of the kids and all members.


We are going to be kicking off a New Year Nutrition Challenge on 1/20/20 that will run through 2/29/20. This 6 week challenge is going to a little more like what we used to do. We will get everyone's InBody Scan, provide calorie and macronutrient suggestions, body measurements, and before and after pictures. Be on the lookout for more details soon!


Unfortunately we do not have a water fountain as of right now at the gym. Therefore we are supplying bottles of water in the lounge room mini fridge. If you need a water please feel free to grab one from there.


Thank you to everyone who participated or supported our Naughty or Nice Event! The kids at Barium Springs were blessed with a great Christmas due to your generous gifts!


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the newest members of the Deep Well Family!
Connie Reed
Rachel Hawksworth
Shelby Bustle
Ben Glosser
Salette Altieri
Jenny Kelly
Tracey Waid
Kevin Waid
Dallas Bragg
Jim Elston
Matt Harriger
Jen Robinson
Kimberly Teff


Our next Faith RXD Event is January 19th from 2-3:30pm. This a Free event to anyone who would like to participate. Feel free to bring friends or family with you. We will have a workout and then follow that up with a great discussion!

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Friday, January 3, 2020




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