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November Newsletter


November Newsletter

Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is almost here! 2019 has really flown by! Before we know it we will be celebrating the New Year and all of the great things that are to come in 2020!

November Challenge

Our challenge to everyone in the Month of November is going to be focused around Abs and Arms. Every day you can either do 3 Sets of 10 V-Ups or Strict Toes to Bar OR 3 Super sets of 10 Curls & 10 Dips(Rings or Box). Give yourself a checkmark next to your name every day you complete one of these 3 sets.

Thanksgiving Schedule

We will stick to our usual Thanksgiving Schedule of being closed on Thanksgiving and only running an 8:30am CrossFit Class and 9:30am WELLfit Class on Friday.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Our tradition of participating in the Mooresville Christian Mission’s Turkey Trot will continue! If you have not already signed up for this run and would like to participate, you can do so by clicking here. This is a fun family focused run through downtown Mooresville.

Christmas Dinner

We are starting to plan and get ready for our annual Christmas Dinner. This is an awesome time for all of us to get together and hang out while eating some of everyone’s favorite dishes. If you haven’t seen the poll in the Facebook group or are not on Facebook, we are looking at two dates to see what works best for the most people. The dates are Dec 6th or Dec 13th. The time will be around 6:30, but is still to be finalized. If you haven’t already, please respond with the date that works best for you and your family. This is a family event, so bring the whole crew!

Deep Well Open

We are almost through the 2020 CrossFit Open! The intramural is a tight race between “Team B or Not Team B” and Team Cirque de Sore Legs. I hope you all have enjoyed the intramural and the themes each week! It has been amazing to see something the efforts and PR’s you all have set. That is truly what the Open is all about!

Programming Focus for November


I. You blink and it’s almost been a full year! Let’s wrap up 2019 with a few more months of solid training then onto 2020, folks! Before chatting November, let’s recap October and (most of) the 2020 Open. In October, we were trick or treated to the first Fall CF Open. It was a bit strange to have another 5 weeks of Open workouts but we got through it. In October, we also saw the retest of the NCFIT Benchmark, Death Row. This is the last time this year we will hit Death Row. We also saw a few NC Classics repeat...Eliza-Plus and Power Plus Amanda. In handling the Open, we trained hard MTW, hit the active recovery TH and smashed the Open on FR. Pre-Open, we mixed up our Active Recovery workouts this time around. The change in format allowed us to play around with some new “prep” style workouts...hopefully you enjoyed the variety. Post-Open, we opted for chipper style workouts and mixed modal workout with 4-5+ movements. We decided this was the best way to handle training immediately after the Open...spread the volume out and allow easy subs if needed. Then on Sunday we were back at it!

II. Let’s chat November. This month we will focus on wrapping up the final few workouts of the 2020 Open. After the Open wraps, we will take 2 weeks to “deload” mentally and throw really fun, pure GPP programming at you. We’ve got some absolute classics to get after this month as retests...two of our favorite overall fitness benchmarks -- Jackie & Helen. These both will show up the week after the Open. In addition to these classics, we will also be moving very heavy barbells from the ground to overhead with the NC Benchmark, Cali Bear. Again, expect to see all of these earlier in the month. As we come toward the middle of November, we will be introducing a Wendler-style (5-3-1) lifting cycle for the Front Squat and Push Press. We will test these 1RMs before getting into the cycle. In many of my conversations with Coach B (Mike Burgener) over the years, he highlights the importance of these two lifts in building raw strength but also transferring over to the Clean & Jerk. We like Wendler because it is a very simple, easy to follow, and time-tested progression.

III. The Wendler four-week building cycle will occur in a traditional format. Week 1, we will hit a 3x5 of each, Week 2 a 3x3 of each, Week 3 a 5/3/1 of each, and then Week 4 we will deload. With each lift we will also provide percentages to base off of 1RM. If you didn’t get to hit the 1RM, you can also make the calculation off of the 3RM numbers we’ve tested this year. This will be a really great way to progress through November and also will offer great carry over when we test the 1RM Clean & Jerk in December! Happy lifting, folks!


We will continue to throw unique challenges into these workouts. If you are a CrossFit member and want to get a great workout while being challenged a different way, I encourage you to give a WELLfit class a try.

Ladies Night

The Deep Well Ladies will be getting together on November 9th at Nailed it DIY around 6:15pm. As usual this will be a great night with amazing ladies and lots of laughs.


During the month of November we are giving a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who refers someone that joins Deep Well. We are going to double the referral you receive! That means $100 for you if they join CrossFit and $40 for you if they join WELLfit!



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